Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rocky business being sold on Ebay

If you don't live in a box, you probably have heard of some of the stuff sold on Ebay recently. From a “used” cheese toast sandwich to 2004 hurricane water in a bottle, we’ve probably seen it all. Of course, with the money that fossils can buy these days, there will inevitably be tones [literally] of fossil and mineralogical specimens found on online markets. Even this... Click here to see the page on Ebay...


"Today I am listing the complete inventory of the Rockhound Haven Rocks, Fossils, and Minerals Store in Luning, Nevada. It's time to retire, so they are selling out the business. This auction is for the 5 tons of rocks, fossils, and minerals only. Most are in the store, and they have all been sliced, and the rest are out back in buckets and drums waiting to be sliced, or cut..." --auction is now over.

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