Monday, May 02, 2005

New Hell Creek pachycephalosaur

Updated: Dude! I actually this sucker at the symposium! Flippin amazing! We half considered dumping the rex and celebrating this fella for the rest of the weekend. Very cool critter. And of course it came out of my personal favorite: the Hell Creek.

South Dakota fossil yields new dinosaur species

From Yahoo News comes a report on Mon May 2,11:16 AM ET

CHICAGO (Reuters) - A fossil found in South Dakota is that of a never before seen species of dinosaur, a horse-sized plant eater with spikes on its bony flat head, scientists said on Monday.

Artist Rendering (c) Robert Bakker

"When my colleagues saw a CAT scan of the new fossil, they tore up their family tree diagrams and said, 'Back to the drawing board!' ... We never suspected such a creature existed," said paleontologist Robert Bakker.

Click here to see a complete 360 degree view of the skull from the museum's website:

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