Saturday, October 14, 2006

North Sulphur River

North of Ladonia
Fannin county, Texas
North Sulphur River
Gulf Series
Taylor Group
Ozan formation
middle Campanian

Today I took my first ride up to the North Sulphur River south of Paris, Texas. The directions to get there from the Dallas metroplex a much easier than I had planned on. I eventually reached the 34 bridge that crosses the river, descended down into the dry river bed itself, and began the trek on the northeastern side of the bridge. The vast majority of finds were jet black fragments of straight shelled ammonites, Baculites.

Unfortunately though, my time was restrictive for this week and I did not get the chance to reach the "Red zone" or any other well known outcropping near bridge 2990. So no typical chambered ammonites either. Regardless of that, I had a good time. I really am fasinated by the faunal assemblage of the Western Interior Seaway in northeast Texas.

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