Saturday, August 19, 2006

Returning from the depths

Myself with our new products this year: the "man bag." An Austrian gas mask bag to be correct.

Mr. Phil Manning of Manchester (possible graduate advisor?) and myself

Neal Larson (aka the ammonite guy) and myself

Pardon my random absence over the last 16 days. School has started up again and it has been a helluva week securing
everything back into a fashionable order. Being my junior year, I am attempting at compressing all of my activities into my very active schedule: varsity tennis, visits to middle and elementary schools to teach kids palaeo, all my advanced placement courses I'm taking this year, church youth group and orchestra etcetera. I am checking and double checking to make sure my senior year is exactly how I want it...or at the very least as best as possible.

I have signed myself up for AP (advanced placement) Biology with in adjacent independent study course and Anatomy. I really want to take AP Environmental sciences as well, but my school district's lack of competent scheduling and demand of certain credits has disabled my ability to take such a course. I'm not happy about it either. Regardless, it also appears as if I will be relatively busy with examinations: AP Biology test, SAT subject test Biology E/M. I will be taking the 'E' version of the biology SAT by the way, which is more focused on ecological biology and evolution, as opposed to molecular biology and evolution.

This junior year, however, will be the year of college campus visits. I have already obtained the visit necessities list from the CollegeBoard site and I am prepared to venture off to some new school of thought. If you happen to be admissions director to a certain college and reading this blog post, please feel free to send me some of your school's information pamphlets. The decision to visit a particular college will vary with factors such as distance and cost to getting there and in the focus on my particular subject interest: evolutionary biology, osteology, phylogenetic systematics and
vertebrate paleontology.



Autrice DelDrago said...

If you are thinking of eventually going out of state, you might want to check into the University of Colorado (Boulder.)

The University of Texas (Austin) has some fantastic programs, as well. I'm not sure if Dr. Pam Owen is still the Senior Paleontology Educator of the VPL, but you could always call the university and find out what programs they are offering. It is an excellent place to eventually get your masters or Ph.D.

You are already off to a good start!

Kyle Lindsey said...

I believe Doctor Owen is still at UT Austin. I had the chance to meet her when I was invited as a guest speaker to the Children's Museum in Austin 2 years ago.

I must admit I have a thing for Texas. My own mum is an alumna from the school and I've had my fair share of campus visits over the past couple of years. Very nice campus.