Monday, July 24, 2006

A video game about evolution


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Here is the publicity trailer for the newly designed "Spore." Designed by TheSims creator Will Wright, this soon-to-be-released video game apparently allows the player to recreate history as they wish. The game starts off as a microorganism, which soon can be edited to 'evolve' into any desired creature possible.

Eventually you get to levels with a population of your little critters and can play in a similar fashion, as done in the Civilization games. I must admit that I am interested in this game. I first heard about it through a friend, and then I noticed the article for it in my latest Discover magazine. How ironic that the evolution of the creatures in “Spore” require the work of an intelligent designer.

I will continue to post videos and information concerning this fascinating new game.

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Jason said...

cool, brilliant stuff.
finally a game with some originality.

this is a very stimulating blog by the way. i read your profile. paleontology huh? i admire your courage to go into field of natural science. not many people have guts for it. I myself wanted to study physics in university, but I chickened out and decided to study applied science instead, electrical engineering. i will visit your blog occasionally. see you later