Thursday, July 13, 2006

Skull of Sue in situ

© 2006 Kyle Lindsey

The skull of the Tyrannosaurus rex specimen FMNH PR2081 (=BHI 2033) or 'SUE.' The cranial material is drawn in the position that it originally laid in during its preparation by Terry Wentz. The muzzle is compressed ventrally immediately following the orbits due to geologic pressures. The massive block of siltstone to the right contains pelvic elements.

My favorite feature of this skull is the paleopathology found on the right side of the skull. Notice if you can the abnormal swelling in the postorbital, excess bone growth that fills in the bottom half of the orbital, apparent case of exostosis of the jugal and the small lump on the ventral side of the angular. I find this to be possible, if not likely evidence for a full facial bite. Ouch.

Original sketches were done with a General's Woodless Graphite Pencil

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