Sunday, July 30, 2006

My PalaeoPortfolio

Now available at

I have started a new palaeo- blog. While at Palaeos Bios I post current events and my rambles, I will begin to post my own illustrations and sketches at the new Palaeo Portfolio. The concept is simple. Palaeos Bios publishes news articles, events and my ramblings of the palaeontology world. PalaeoPortfolio publishes merely my day-to-day illustrations and sketches of all things paleontology.

Of course the most you will find here are skeletal drawings, since I'm no Robert Bakker or Greg Paul when it comes to putting flesh on the bones. And yet I find that there is no copying or end to the possibilities of what you can draw with bones. You might notice after a while that I have a particular subject matter that I am most interested in when I illustrate. I am anxious to see the progress of this site as I hope others are. Until my next post...


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Joe Duran said...

This is amazing stuff and the music is incredible. Keep writing. I am blesses to be in a community with thoughtful people like you.