Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Elusive rat makes debut on film

Retired FSU professor captures a 'living fossil' on video
Public release date: 13-Jun-2006

Full press release from EurekAlert

Videos of the animal on FSU's website

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- The first images of a live specimen of a small, furry animal once believed to have gone extinct more than 11 million years ago have been captured during a Southeast Asian expedition led by a retired Florida State University researcher.

Courtesy of David Redfield

The remarkable video and photos shot by David Redfield, a professor emeritus of FSU's science education faculty, and Thai wildlife biologist Uthai Treesucon are being hailed as historic images documenting a true "living fossil," the Laotian rock rat.

The Laotian rock rat is so called for its only known habitat -- limestone outcroppings in Central Laos -- and the appearance of the animal's head and face, which sport long whiskers and beady eyes like those of a rat. (To view photographs and video of the Laotian rock rat, visit

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