Monday, April 10, 2006

How Tiktaalik went extinct...

Okay... so maybe Tiktaalik roseae didn't go extinct by getting denied access to Noah's ark. Yet underneath the skin of such a simple cartoon lies a deeper message for me. Young-Earth creationists claim the flood in Genesis was responsible for the entire fossil record and the 99% percentage of life that is now extinct.

Yet I don't see why then God would tell Noah to bring along two of every animal to be saved by the initial floodwaters only to go extinct once they are released. Wouldn't this make God's plan to save his creation pointless, since 99% of it would still inevitably vanish after its release back into the wild?

From what I was taught in Sunday school, God has a lot more brains than that. And I don't think the whole "he works in mysterious ways" cuts it sense it clearly states the facts in Genesis 6:19-20 and Genesis 8:17 that the animals that were saved were to repopulate the Earth.

Now I know there is much more to the secular side of this story as far as the feasibility for a global flood and its invisible traces are, but I just wanted to take a nip in the butt of this argument by strictly using the text Creationists use for themselves and turn the tables of the game.

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