Sunday, February 12, 2006

Churches, others celebrate Darwin

Darwin’s birthday evolves into holiday
Amid challenges, supporters stick up for evolution on Sunday

By Kathy Matheson
Associated Press
Updated: 4:20 p.m. ET Feb. 9, 2006

"PHILADELPHIA - Thanks to the "intelligent design" movement, Charles Darwin's birthday is evolving into everything from a badminton party to church sermons this weekend. "

George Widman / AP

"Defenders of Darwin's theory of natural selection are planning hundreds of events around the world Sunday, the 197th anniversary of his birth, saying recent challenges to the teaching of evolution have re-emphasized the need to promote his work.

The museum's celebration will include birthday cake, a little badminton (reportedly a favorite game of Darwin's) and a reading of his masterwork, "The Origin of Species," by Penn junior Bill Wames, who volunteered to dress up as the 19th-century naturalist."


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