Tuesday, January 24, 2006

U of Pittsburgh gets fossil-rich land

Pitt Honors College Receives 4,700 Acres of Wyoming LandTeeming with Dinosaur Fossils
Cattle rancher Allen Cook’s gift worth nearly $7 million

PITTSBURGH—Wyoming rancher Allen Cook has given the University of Pittsburgh Honors College 4,700 acres of land in eastern Wyoming containing rich dinosaur fossil beds rivaling the nearby famed fossil beds excavated a century ago through the philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie.

Cook’s gift, valued at approximately $7 million, will make possible the preservation of what is arguably a priceless national treasure for research by Pitt students and faculty, as well as by Pitt research partners—scientists from Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Natural History and faculty and students from the University of Wyoming.

The Carnegie’s renowned paleontologist, Mary Dawson—who visited the site—said it has “tremendous potential” for fossil discovery. The land contains the same geological formations and sits near the site of some of the most profound paleontological discoveries in recent history.

Read the full press release from the University of Pittsburgh

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