Monday, January 02, 2006

Big Dinosaur stuff in GeoTimes

I really, really like the look of this issue! Particularly the article by my favorite artist, Gregory Paul. I'll get this issue and report back on all the interesting material. Happy new year for those all who use the Gregorian calendar! Click here for more on the magazine.

January 2006
vol. 51, no. 1

18 The Three Faces of Dinosaurs: The study of dinosaurs has come a long way from its early days in 19th century England, undergoing a renaissance of discovery in recent years. Spencer G. Lucas

22 Drawing Dinosaurs: Over the past 200 years, artists have altered their portrayal of dinosaurs from sluggish lizards to energetic ancestors of birds, in step with scientific discoveries. Greg Paul

30 On the Trail of Dinosaurs: Dinosaur footprints have revolutionized our understanding of the ancient beasts — from how fast they ran to where they lived. Martin Lockley

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