Monday, November 07, 2005

Well I'm back...

And its been way too long! Okay, so I haven't posted in a long while and there's been quite a buzz in the paleo- biz these days. Of course this is the centennial year for Tyrannosaurus rex and I attended at least one of the festivities earlier this year. I had fun too. There have been quite a number of things going on as well.

My usual dig in July with the BH Institute, a few public speakings on paleontology and its role in science etc. I've also been on the pursuit for colleges even more so than in the past. Mainly I've got Texas on my mind with the possibility of scholarships. What I do know is that their geo-building rocks my socks.

I'm trashing the idea of just posting paleontology news. Now I'll be adding my own insight and opinions once in while. And I'll be going back to some of the older post to add my comments there as well, to improve the blog as a whole. Well that's about it. Later.

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