Friday, May 06, 2005

Pleistocene Park Plan Underway

By Larry O'Hanlon, Discovery News

This is an aerial view of the Siberian region that could become the venue for a reconstituted ecosystem that vanished 10,000 years ago

May 6, 2005— Jurassic Park may have been fiction, but a real Pleistocene Park is underway in northern Siberia, where researchers hope to recreate the long-lost grassy ecosystems of mammoths. By restoring a habitat lost 10,000 years ago to 62 square miles (about 40,000 acres), Russian scientists hope to study the roles of human hunting and climate change in the extinction of the Ice Age mammoths, and maybe do something about global warming to boot.

From Discovery Channel News

I've touched real mammoth hair in the Smithsonian storage basement. Pretty neat stuff. This news report sounds like something out of the Zoo Tycoon game. Can't wait to see the results!

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